Top 5 Internet Resources for Youth

1. Kids Help Phone – www.kidshelpphone.ca
Designed for Canada’s kids and youth, this site provides free info, help and counselling to kids and teens, 24/7. It’s anonymous and confidential. Through the website you can ask online questions; read up on popular topics like bullying, dating, school, family, and abuse; take surveys, do quizzes, play games and more. You can also meet and talk with other teens, who may be feeling the same way that you are.

2. Teen Mental Health – www.teenmentalhealth.org
This site is dedicated to helping improve the mental health of youth by providing information for teens, families, educators and health professionals in a variety of formats including video clips, slide shows, and interactive presentations. It covers a broad range of mental health illnesses and coping strategies, and provides links to additional help and resources.

3. Grip – www.griponlife.ca
This web-based magazine is written by youth for youth. It explores a wide range of issues and feelings, and offers helpful suggestions and strategies on how to handle difficult situations. You can also submit articles, and be creative about feelings and problems you may be experiencing.

4. Mind Your Mind – www.mindyourmind.ca
The website is maintained by youth who have experience with mental health problems themselves. It provides personal insights, articles, video clips and slide shows, and a teen space to express creativity and to connect with other teens.

5. Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) – www.cmha.ca
While not written for youth, this website does provide information on a broad range of mental illnesses and treatment options through various information articles. Events being planned for mental illness awareness are listed.

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