Local Schools are Getting Out of the Blue Too!

April 21, 2011

École Saint-Joachim embraces Van Gogh in Blue Expressions

This high-school art class is researching Vincent Van Gogh and engaging in discussions about his mental health. They are studying a Don Maclean song called Vincent. The class is doing a study of the themes, and subjects of Van Gogh’s art, specifically colours, emotions and metaphors in his works. And they are discussing various mental illnesses that may have been associated to Van Gogh including schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and depression.

The students are then producing their own Blue Expressions with paint with the knowledge gained and themes and subjects discussed. Their assignment is to paint a picture of pain, sadness, depression or to show hope.

Contact : Paulette Fournier-Jones, 424-5287

10th grade is Springing into Blue

A 10th grade class is coordinating a number of Blue Awareness Activities for École St-Joachim under the Out of the Blue campaign :
Blue Bites – blue bake sale – March 18th
Blue Game -blue hockey game – April 16th
Blue Lunch – a blueberry pancake breakfast and a blue lunch are being planned by the 10th graders so that they can present the Out of the Blue campaign and engage their schoolmates in mental illness prevention and help seeking behaviours.
Blue Video –the group is taping footage of all blue activities and producing a video for the end of the campaign.
Blue Garden – partnering with Sunshine Greenhouse to provide plants and assistance – planting date to be determined.
– A Blue Assembly is planned for the end of the campaign to share all that has been done and learned. Date to be determined.

Contact : Claude Arnaud at 424-5287


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