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Out of the Blue Campaign 2013

February 15, 2013
To build on last two years of success, the Southern Health Suicide Prevention Committee (SHSPC) is excited to launch the 3nd annual Out of the Blue campaign. We are pleased to announce that Mr. Robb Nash will be headlining our launch event, held at Green Valley School in Grunthal, Manitoba.

The “Out of the Blue” campaign can make a difference for people affected by mental illness. Out of the Blue targets high school students, businesses, individuals and community groups of all sorts in the Southern region. The objective is to get people talking about mental health, mental illness and suicide prevention by initiating or getting involved in “Blue Awareness Activities”. Blue Awareness Activities should promote accurate mental health information, encourage help seeking behaviour by open, direct and honest talk about suicide; and spread hope for recovery.

The SHSPC includes youth, people affected by or concerned about suicide, community agencies, public health and mental health organizations, and faith-based organization; and is chaired by the Southern Health Mental Health Promotion and Illness Prevention Coordinator.

Getting Out of the Blue this year are 5 schools (English, French Immersion and French) in the communities of Grunthal, St-Pierre, Landmark, Sprague and Steinbach.

Southern Health encourages previous years participating groups, businesses and individuals of La Broquerie, Ste-Anne, St-Pierre en Boom, Vita, Niverville, Dominion City, Lorette, Ste-Agathe  and Steinbach to join us and continue to raise a New Voice for Mental Health in 2013. Blue Awareness activities can be registered online. Individuals, groups, organizations and communities participating in Blue Awareness Activities that are registered on the website may be eligible to win a Blue Activity Award at the Blue Carpet Gala on May 8, 2013.

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Mental Health Promotion
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